About the Owner/Chef

My name is Justin Vrany and I am the owner of a new restaurant called Sandwich Me In, located at 3037 N. Clark St. between Halsted and Wellington.  Ever since I was a young child I have wanted to be a Chef and Restaurateur. Now that I have my own child I am making decisions that will help our communities grow toward a sustainable future.Justin Vrany, Owner and Chef

In the past 15 years; working in establishments such as, Hot Chocolate, Ritz Carlton, Nick’s Fish Market, and Cantigny Club House I have developed a keen knowledge of how food should taste and how products should be handled. I have come to the conclusion that we have no other choice than to start teaching our fellow friends, families, and neighbors on what our current food system, energy system, and waste system is doing to our health and environment.  Therefore I have developed a restaurant that is environmentally sound and the food is delicious.

All of our waste is composted or recycled and in the 10 months we have been opened we have 8 gallons of garbage going to the dump. Throughout the season the raw vegetable and fruit compost are given to Bryant Family Farms to feed their chickens who lay eggs for the restaurant. Our electrical energy is completely powered by wind and all of our used oil is recycled in bio-diesel engines. All of the furniture and equipment in the restaurant is either used or refurbished. And, in a typical 1400sqft build-out 2 dumpsters of garbage go to the dump, we used only a ¼ dumpster.

All of our delicious food is made in house from scratch and sourced from local farms such as Gunthorp farms, Quarter Circle Seven Ranch, and Local Folks farm. We have a dynamite pulled pork sandwich that is smoked for 13 hours and lathered in our homemade BBQ and placed on a fresh baked black strap molasses wheat roll. Another delight is our Vegan black bean and brown rice burger with whole grain mustard. And don’t forget all of our drinks are made in house too.

We estimate that we have lowered our carbon foot print by about 85% of what a typical quick service restaurant would use in one day and we are not going to stop until we are at 100%.

Please join us from 11am – 8:00 p.m. daily. Until we meet have a joyous life and always remember to respect our Mother Earth.