Welcome to Sandwich Me In

We are a quick-service sandwich shop using local meats and fresh produce with an emphasis on sustainability (recycle, reuse, reduce) and the education of our guests as to how their food travels from farm to plate.

Our goal is to provide all natural, high quality food and an exceptional service experience at an affordable price. 98% of the menu is made “in house” from the fresh baked bread to the wood-smoked meats. We offer a pleasant, friendly environment with free wifi and, on occasion, live music in our shop. We also offer catering and delivery service.

Covering the walls of the restaurant is information about the local farms we are using, how the food is grown, and what local establishments are helping us keep the restaurant sustainable. Our goal is to help the community become aware of sustainable options available to them and to grow together in knowledge to create a healthier city.

Our Restaurant

90% of our build-out is reused materials from the existing store. All of our equipment and furniture is refurbished. To learn more about restaurant equipment visit Gatorchef >

Recycled Oil

All of our used oil is recycled to maintain bio-diesel engines. To learn more about energy visit Aurora Tallow – Restaurant Grease Recycling >

Green Energy

We participate in an energy program that uses wind to generate all the power for the restaurant. To learn more about wind-powered energy, check out Viridian Power with a Purpose >

To learn more about our partners, please visit our Partners’ Photo Gallery >