Let us cater your next event! Our catering is simple and delicious while still focusing on our overall mission of sustainability. All materials are biodegradable or recyclable. It is our hope that you’ll join in our mission to help reduce waste at your event!

Please contact us three days before your event. Let us know your name and phone number as well as the time and location of the event. Be prepared to give us your food choices. Please specify if you need utensils, etc.

Small  $130
Includes: 10 full sandwiches (pick 3), 1 tray of salad or 1 quart of soup.

Medium  $190
Includes: 15 full sandwiches (pick 4), 2 trays of salad or 2 quarts of soup.

Large  $250
Includes: 20 full sandwiches (pick 5), 3 trays of salad or 3 quarts of soup.

Call 773-348-3037 or email for any other information or bookings.